October 6, 2018


SCOPE Chapter of Education

Under the domain ‘Education’ our vision is to help align Academia with the local Industry needs. Not only for the tertiary education but also for vocational training. There is a shortage of institutes which provide quality vocational training to adults who aspire to be tradesmen, for example electricians, carpenters, plumbers, automobile mechanics so on and so forth. Most of these tradesmen get what we call ‘learning by doing’ training by the ones who also received their training in similar fashion. With the provision of formal and structured training for these trades we will not only equip individuals with the right skills required for their chosen trade but also help general public receive quality service which is a huge pain point at the moment.

Amer Malik is having 15 years plus experience working across three continents, ranging from small to large multinational corporations for Management and Finance. Currently working as Head of Planning, Accounting & Controlling in a Swiss Biotech company. Amer obtained MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and my Bachelors from La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia.